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We are a very professional team but we are also very approachable, you should expect to work with creative people with the mind and ability to bring your ideas to life!

Gabooz a joint venture with Heezz part and member of Option123 Ltd consist of extremely high-tech team workers which offer affordable hosting, hardworking web designers and web marketing who will meet your requirements!

We are all about great design and personal service that’s helpful, friendly and get the job done. Most importantly we make sure everything is designed to work for you!

So whether you need a web design that goes above and beyond, an e-commerce or an expert with advice to help you create and pursue a winning marketing strategy. Gabooz is the right choice for you!

Professional website designers Gabooz beautifully styled custom web design a website to match your branding and budget.




Responsive Web Design is what we do.

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web designer
Her role and responsibility is to accomplish the project objectives within the constraints of the web design project. She is responsible for the outcome (success or failure of the project). She is involved with the planning, controlling and monitoring the website design
web developer
He’s responsible for the web design, layout and the coding of your website. He is involved with the technical and graphical aspects of the site, how it works and how it looks.
graphic designer
Her role and responsibility is to creating a design that has a high visual impact. Her role consists of listening to clients and understanding their needs and requirements before making their website design decisions.
web marketing
His responsibility consists of design, manage and implement internet marketing services this includes paid search marketing, organic optimization, blog implementation and link building when required.
How Gabooz Web Design Works

Since at Gabooz we never use basic templates or any kind of themes, we worked with our development team to help put in place a clear plan of action. We listened to their concerns about their present platform and done everything that we could to help them create a website that was a clear representation of what they do.

Clean, crisp and professional. From creating the platform on a CMS system to make it easy to update and add new content at a later date, we made self-management of this website easier than ever before. Having spent a huge amount of time working with their marketing team to help find the right look and style in our website design, we make sure this was a bespoke platform worth utilizing.

We all made sure that any updates and website maintenance would be delivered by our team. This ensured that the team could simply concentrate on what they wanted to promote, allowing us to do the back-end work for them. While designed to be user-friendly, responsive and super fast loading pages on all devices for all experience levels, we wanted to make sure that it was as safe and as simple as it possibly could be.

Digital marketing was carried out, too, in a bid to make sure that Heezz could help to bring in the right kind of clientele for years to come. Working with them to help deliver a clear and simple to work with platform, we helped to build a specific platform that spoke with clarity to their readership.

If you would like to see what we have created and added to the site, be sure to check out the page. With everything prepared for and readied to help promote their own business and success, we laid the foundation for a digital modernisation in the way that they do business and come across in general.